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TOPIC: Furniture Artistic Design

Furniture Artistic Design 2 months 3 days ago #4420

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<P>With the increase in the level of consumption, more and more families in the purchase of furniture will consider the choice of solid wood furniture, but the market is the so-called solid wood furniture is not part of the solid wood structure, consumers need to pay more attention. Beijing people 68-year-old Wang aunt in a underground furniture to spend 3200 yuan to buy a set of solid wood sofa, sent to the home and found no hand spray paint spray,white wrought iron garden table and chair and then found the sofa leg damage, and some are not solid wood structure, Wang aunt to find The operator asked to return, after many operators only agreed to free repair, helpless Wang aunt found the Trade and Industry Bureau.</P>
<P>After receiving the complaint, Beijing Yanqing Trade and Industry Branch staff attaches great importance to the timely Wang Yi aunt and the operators together to understand the situation, and the operator's business qualifications and commodity certificate of conduct were examined. The certificate shows that the sofa frame is part of the solid wood, and the operator does not have the structure of the sofa when the sale is clear,outdoor resting equipment trader so that consumers mistakenly believe that the whole solid wood structure, misleading consumers. Finally, the business staff staff patient and meticulous work, the operator agreed to return, and returned Wang aunt 3200 yuan in cash.</P>
<P>Buy wood furniture to pay attention to the following points: 1. Ask the wood species. From which trees made directly affect the price and quality, in the north of solid wood furniture is usually used Cork, ash, Catalpa wood, black walnut and other trees, and valuable mahogany furniture mainly used rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. In the purchase of guarded by shoddy, confuse the situation of tree species. At the same time also note that the price of wood can only be higher and higher, too cheap is absolutely problematic.</P>
<P>2. Observe the appearance of any defects. The main force of the furniture parts such as columns, bearing bar should not have large scarring and cracks, cracks. Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Furniture on the use of man-made sheet parts to be edge-sealing treatment,best toddler table and chair sets a variety of accessories to install less pieces, missing nails, through nails.</P>
<P>3. View product certifications and logos. In the purchase of goods when the salesman is usually the highlight of the goods to exaggerate, but not to mention the shortcomings, can easily cause the consumer to produce a comprehensive understanding of the goods. So in the decision before buying must check the goods of the various types of certificates and logo, remember not to believe the salesman side. Keep the relevant notes. Consumers in the payment,childrens folding play table and chair be sure to retain the corresponding shopping invoices, related documents, etc., to ensure that problems can be more quickly when the rights. Consumers encounter such consumer disputes can go to the nearby business sector for rights.</P>
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